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This Is It For The Adminosaurus Facebook Page

Bye Bye Facebook - Adminosaurus

You won’t see any more posts going up onto the Adminosaurus Facebook page.

Let me explain.

I’ve fallen out of love with Facebook, generally, as a social media platform.
I’d love to delete the whole thing but there’s the business element and a few business groups I’m a part of that I don’t want to leave.

So what’s so bad about a Facebook business page?

Recent years have seen Facebook’s algorithm change significantly.
It’s now so difficult to get views from people who have liked a page, never mind new viewers and customers.

Nope, to get eyeballs on your posts, you need to pay for it. And Facebook ads have become increasingly expensive, difficult to use effectively and, I think, a little suspicious.

I’ve run ads in the past and there have been strange differences in the click through figures on the Facebook page and visitor numbers on the landing page I was advertising. Hmm. I can’t help but feel like Facebook was cheating me out of money.

Facebook was once a great place to have a business page, build a following and engage with customers. Now, a Facebook business page is nothing more than a website. And I already have a website (plus, you shouldn’t rely on social media to be your website).

The best way to conduct business on Facebook these days is through a group, and I can’t see Adminosaurus ever having a Facebook group.

I’m tired of posting things to the Adminosaurus Facebook page just for three people to apparently see it, despite the page having 71 followers.

It’s boring. It feels pointless, and in the spirit of a new social media marketing strategy (which I’ll explain in a couple of weeks), it must stop.

I won’t be deleting the Adminosaurus page for one reason only:
Sometimes I meet potential clients and business friends in those Facebook business groups I mentioned. They go to my personal profile, click on the Adminosaurus link, go to the Facebook page and find the website link there.

That’s it.

There are better suited social media platforms for Adminosaurus and you can still find me on Instagram and Twitter right now.

Hope to see you over there.




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