Where do you work from?

Is This A Secret To Success

Do you work from home?
I do.
And I can’t really afford to rent a co-working space. I mean, I could. But then I think about what else that money could be spent on (stationery, chocolate, cake, another cuddly dinosaur…).

But sometimes working from home can get stale.

It’s definitely a fact that changing your environment can revive your creativity and your productivity, so it’s a good idea to have a range of places to work from.

These can include:


Another room in the house

Seriously. Just moving to another room can do wonders. I’ll bounce around the house, from my home office where I can shut the door, to the dining table where I can see the garden and birds, to the sofa where I can have the TV on as background noise (a particular favourite for Friday afternoon and weekend working).


The aforementioned co-working spaces

These don’t have to be expensive and can just be for a few days a month. These are loads of places available now, and they’re not even just for the city dwellers. A business in a town near me is opening their doors to co-workers, and the rent a little cheaper than in the city (it’s very tempting).You can also get extra benefits by renting a co-working space. If you’re the only one in your business, then you can find like-minded people, maybe a bit of networking, perhaps a new bestie. At the very worst, there are other productive people working around you, forcing you to be productive too.

Most places also offer teas, coffees, maybe the odd snack and meeting room discounts, as well as somewhere to get your mail sent to.


Your local library

Our libraries need to be used! Use them or lose them. I used to love finding a hidden desk in a corner at my university library, sticking in my headphones and getting lost among the books. I’ll admit I haven’t found anything that comes close to that since, but I can dream.

If nothing else, libraries come with research potential, a quiet work place, and wifi, and the big ones might even have a café.


Coffee shops

This is my other go to. I used to be scared to take my laptop into another person’s place of business and leach off their wifi while taking up a table. Turns out all you need is a spark of bravery and practice. I tend to go to a coffee shop within walking distance so it counts towards that day’s exercise and I can spend the walk thinking about work and what I’m going to do. Then I grab a hot chocolate, settle in an out of the way corner and get to work. Most places have free wifi for customers and if not, you can plan to go when you don’t want to get distracted by the internet. I tend to go for one drink and with a fully charged laptop, so I’m not taking up their table for too long and I’m not sponging off their electricity.

Even if you forget your earphones, there’s usually plenty of conversation to listen into if you need some inspiration for that thriller you’ve been meaning to write in your spare time.



You might want to wait until you feel yourself getting stuck before you change to a new workplace, or you might want a schedule.

Some people with multiple businesses even suggest working in a different place for each business to get you in the right frame of mind.

Where do you like to work?

Why not experiment and see where you’re most productive.
Even a short break working elsewhere can do wonders for your productivity when you get back to your usual spot.




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