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Stuck For Marketing Ideas? 5 Ways (And More) To Market Your Business

5 Ways to Market Your Business When You're Starting Out

Marketing when you’re just starting your business can be so difficult!
I know, I’ve been there. And I came from a marketing background.

The thing is, there are so many different ways of marketing your business that it can be hard to choose where to start, or know what might give the best results.
And if you don’t know much about marketing then these things can be even trickier.

So, I want this email/blog/post to be a little nudge in the right direction for you.
Because marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. A lot of work, yes, but not difficult.

Top Tip 1

If you’re just starting out, launching your business, and you don’t know quite where to start then I highly recommend doing a little research into different marketing methods (see below) and choosing one that excites you.

Top Tip 2

Don’t do all of these marketing tactics at once. Pick one, focus on it and see what happens. If it brings results, then great. Work on it until you’re amazing at it and then try something else alongside it.
If it doesn’t work, don’t worry. Choose something else and try again.

So, onto…

5 Marketing Things To Try

  1. Mailing list

It’s said that every business should have a mailing list, whether you’re selling yet or not. Emailing your audience regularly is a great way of building relationships and getting to know what your customers want so you can adapt your business. It’s also free to do to begin with. I personally use Mailchimp, but there are other email apps that are just as easy to use. Just make sure you keep an eye on the new GDGP rules coming into force in April 2018.

  1. Video

Video is big right now and apparently it’s here to stay. You can do all sorts of videos, including How To’s, industry updates, Q&As, a behind-the-scenes vlog, so many choices! I personally found making videos far too time consuming and YouTube too tricky to crack BUT that’s where live videos come in. I’ll be having a go at Facebook Live videos this year, and then sharing the videos to other channels to extend its reach.

  1. Podcasts

Podcasts are another HUGE one. It seems like everyone’s doing them these days. Film yourself recording your podcast and you can share not just as an audio on iTunes and SoundCloud but also as a video on YouTube or on your blog.

  1. Guest Posting

This involves writing blog posts for other blogs, websites, zines and publications. It involves sharing your expertise, getting your name out there and, if it’s online, building your SEO links. It can be a great way to get discovered by new customers and it’s something I’m going to be concentrating on this year.

  1. Direct Marketing

This has been my go to since I started Adminosaurus and I’ve found the majority of my favourite clients this way. Instead of waiting for clients to come to me, I found the people I wanted to work with and I contacted them. Creating actual packages with a letter, print outs and something interesting is a lot of fun, but a simple, friendly and human email can work wonders.


There are so many other marketing methods out there, so I have the perfect thing for you and it’s free!

Check out my new Marketing Planner.

This will give you a run down of marketing methods you can try (if any of the above don’t appeal or you’re already doing them) and a planner so you can work out when to do these things, how you’re going to do them and any costs involved.

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