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The Often Overlooked Way Of Learning New Things

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Okay, this is when I admit to being a little naïve at times. But aren’t we all?

There’s this pressure when you start up a business to be an expert. Especially in front of your clients and customers.
But you can’t know everything. In fact, a bit of experience will tell you that the best business owners don’t know it all but are willing to learn and pass on those lessons.

As a business owner, you have to open to learning all the time and generous enough to pass on what you learnt to your audience.

Now, I knew this when I left my office job and set out into the world of self-employment.
I was already getting a wealth of information from the internet, Google, certain business owners I followed, blogs, social media…
I was learning new skills and finding out about new apps. But I still thought I generally knew best. I thought I knew what I loved to do and how I would do it.

Then along came my clients.
Yup. That’s the secret no one really told me before I set up Adminosaurus. So I’m telling you now.

Your clients will teach you so much.

They’ll introduce you to new ways of doing things, better ways. New apps, new systems, new ways of thinking. They’ll ask you to do things you’d never considered before, or offered only because you wanted the money but didn’t think you’d enjoy, and it turns out you love doing it.

One of my clients showed me just how much I love transcribing.
Another gave me experience in using Active Campaign.
Yet another introduced me to an organisational app, and you know what? I hated it! Pen, paper and spreadsheets for the win.

Over and over again I hear about how successful business owners need to be open about learning new skills and open to new ideas and directions. But don’t just focus on the blogs, the ‘gurus’ and Google.

Be honest with your clients and learn from them.
They could spark something great in you.




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