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What’s the (Instagram) story?

What's Your Instagram Story?

Last month Instagram rolled out a new feature, Instagram Stories!

Have you tried them yet?

They’re great fun with so much potential. Especially for small businesses.

In this video, I look quickly at what they are and why they can be good for your business. Then I show you how to create your own Instagram stories.
Be sure to stick around because I forgot some stuff, so I’ve tagged it on. Yeah, I’m still getting the hang of this video making malarkey.

Or you can read the blog below…



What are Instagram Stories?

Basically, an Instagram story is a photo or video, or series of photos mixed with video. You can draw on the images, write on them and place emojis on them.

They only last for 24 hours, but you have the option to save them as you create. So you can eventually upload them to your permanent Instagram feed or your other social media platforms.

Why bother?

First of all, always try out new marketing avenues. You never know what might work! And if it doesn’t work? Well, you’ve learned a new skill, hopefully had some fun and, in this case, no spent a penny.

What have you got to lose?

But this is more than just having fun. Instagram stories are those little circles that appear at the top of your homepage feed. Which means that your story will be one of the first thing your followers see when they check their feed.

This means that while your other posts may get buried among hashtags and the people your fans are also following, your stories will always come out on top *ahem*.

Stories are a great way of announcing something new, promoting an event, new product or service, or a sale, or creating suspense for a launch. Use your imagination! Show your fans behind the scenes or what you’re up to that day. Give them insight or a special offer just for those that happen to tap.

The stories are short and easy to access, so it’s hard not to tap on them. And you can get truly creative and innovative with them.

How do you create them?

Instagram stories are so easy to create!

There’s an instructional video in the main video above (and an extra bit at the end because I forgot stuff…). But if you really don’t want to listen to my voice, here it is in a nutshell.

  • Tap on the ‘Your Story’ circle in the top left of your feed. The one with your profile picture.
  • This will take you to the camera where you can take photos or create Boomerangs (1 sec videos that repeat).
  • Your other option is to swipe down from the top to access your photos and videos from the last 24 hours (if you want files taken longer than 24 hours ago, simply re-upload them to your phone and take a screenshot of them or change the metadata using an app – because of course there’s an app for that!).
  • Once you’ve chosen a photo or video, you can play! Use the pen and Aa icon to write, draw and design your story (there are tips in the video).
  • You can also change the filter by swiping left and right.
  • When you’re happy, click on the + Your Story button at the bottom and boom! Your story is up and published!
  • To add more photos or video to your story, simply repeat the process by swiping right from your homepage.
  • Repeat as many times as you like to create your story.
  • If you change your mind, you can delete the published story by opening it up, tapping on the bottom right … and tapping delete. Easy!


And there you have it!

I’ll be attempting to post a story every Friday, so you can check them out by following @Adminosaurus.

But, truth be told, I’ll be having more fun on the account for my fiction writing business. Because, you know, stories.
Once that’s up and running properly, there’ll be a story a week. If you want to check it out, you can follow me at @Writeintothewoods.

So go! Have fun, play around with it.

Have you tried Instagram stories yet?