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Don’t make this selling mistake…

How Not To Sell

You may have heard of Facebook Messenger becoming a new thing when it comes to marketing.
Apparently, you can now DM your customers and use automated messages to help with your marketing.
A while ago, my husband experienced this first hand.

It was our friend’s birthday and we found a present online. So my husband added it to the basket to check out the shipping costs.
The shop was American and the shipping costs just didn’t justify the purchase as far as we were concerned, and we thought that would be the end of it.
Of course, my husband just clicked off rather than emptying the basket.

First of all, he received an email a few hours after clicking off telling him that it was still in his basket and he should hurry to buy it.


The next day, he received TWO emails adding more pressure for him to buy.


Then, he checked his Facebook.

He had a message, which was strange. He doesn’t use Messenger and actually only uses Facebook for work, so doesn’t have any ‘friends’ (except me, because I’m special).

It was them! Adding more pressure for him to buy, except this time they’d managed to find his Facebook and Messenger account and DM him as he’d been ignoring their emails.

He didn’t buy.
He responded and politely asked them to sod off.
They removed him from their list.

I’m not saying don’t use Messenger in your marketing. But I personally found this a little creepy. We don’t know how they found him on Facebook.

But honestly, all it did was annoy him and make sure that he never, ever buys from them. Whereas, if they’d just left it, we might have returned to the shop at another time.
By sending incessant messages and pushing hard for the sale, all they did was lose a customer.

Of course, we all want to sell our stuff because our stuff is amazing. But when organising your marketing, take a step back and have a good think about what your customer will see. And whether they’ll like it.




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