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A New Social Media Strategy: Less Is More

Embracing Less Is More On Social Media - Adminosaurus


The other week I listened to an old Science of Social Media podcast by Buffer from April. It was an interview with Marie Forleo, titled ‘Social Media for Businesses: Less is More.’

It was fascinating!

I’ve been having a good old think about my social media recently, which is why I chose to listen to this particular podcast.

I’m sort of everywhere on social media with Adminosaurus. I enjoy marketing on social media but I’ve realised recently I’ve been spreading myself too thin.

Spending time on social media platforms you don’t enjoy and not doing the marketing well is not productive.

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? But good old Fear Of Missing Out means many business owners get on all the social media and try to make it work.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

A couple of weeks ago I said I was going to stop posting to the Adminosaurus Facebook page.

When choosing a social media platform, you need to figure out where your customers are, but you also need to be where you enjoy being. I’m a firm believe that if marketing isn’t fun, it won’t get done well.

Well, I’m loving Instagram right now. Connecting with clients, local businesses and interesting business owners through images and video is somehow really appealing. And I love the stories element.

My clients are also on Twitter, which is a good place for news, a networking hour and a quick chat.

So I’m sticking with those two channels right now. I’m going to focus on them, put my marketing efforts into them and see what comes of it.

As Adminosaurus grows, as I hope it will in 2018, I’ll put more thought into trying LinkedIn (especially as Microsoft are finally talking about some more major changes which might actually make it a fun place to be…maybe) and Pinterest, which I’m fascinated by but a little clueless on right now.

What about you?
Are you feeling too spread out on social media?
Do you even like social media?

And where are you? Comment below and let’s connect!
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