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Your Gut Is All Wise And All Knowing

Your Gut Is Wise. Listen To It - Adminosaurus


Did you enjoy that vlog the other week?

I’m going to take that as a yes.

Because here’s another one for you!

My journey to self-employment and business ownership has been an emotional, difficult and rocky road. My main lesson throughout the whole thing, actually, my main lesson from adulthood in general, has been to listen to your gut.

From my first proper job interview (a manager at Waterstones who said hello, excused himself, called me to tell me I didn’t have the job, left a voicemail because I was trying to be professional by not answering my phone while I waited, then conducted the damn interview and spent the entire time talking about himself) to deciding who to market my services to and whether I want to work with a client.

Over a decade of experience teaching me that I need to always listen to my gut. Because the damn thing has always been right.

Now, in this vlog I don’t go into personal stories. Because that would make the vlog HUGE. But, if you’re wondering about that new client or what direction to take your business in, give it a listen.

Maybe your gut will agree.

I’m not saying my gut and I always get on these days. We have arguments still. Mostly about cake…

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