Social Media Package

Social Media Package

Social media is a must for every successful online business. It’s how you meet, talk to and get to know your customers and clients, as well as spreading the word of what you do.

Your business’s social media account can be quite personal but can also take up a good chunk of your time that could easily be spent better elsewhere.

If you feel that managing part or all of your social media could be passed onto someone else, I’m here for you.


What the package can include

As your business’s social media accounts are still quite personal to you, what you might want to pass on will depend on you and your business. But here’s what I can do for you.

  • Setting up Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn account for your business.
  • Creating social media calendars.
  • Researching news and articles to share.
  • Writing messages.
  • Creating graphics.
  • Scheduling messages.
  • Going into the account to retweet / share / like as appropriate.


What it costs

The cost will depend on just how much you want to hand over.

A basic package, including:

  • Researching news and articles to share.
  • Writing messages for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and LinkedIn.
  • Scheduling messages.
From £149 a month
Creating graphics from £75 a month for graphics for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and LinkedIn.
Setting up accounts from £25 each.
Maintaining accounts from £95 a month.


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