Virtual Assistant

Six places to find your Virtual Assistant

Where to Find your Virtual Assistant

The internet is a marvellous thing. You can find everything and anything on it.
It’s an amazing place for business owners. In fact the range of services and support available is staggering.

If it’s time for you to hire a virtual assistant, just where do you start to look for one?
Here are some ideas.

If you’d rather read than watch/listen, the full list is below the video.



  1. Online job sites
    Okay, this is a big one because there are a ton of job sites out there.You can create an advert and job description and post it on any job site you like. These can include more traditional job websites such as, and You can also create a job offering on LinkedIn if you have a company page.
    Or you can go with bidding job sites, such as PeoplePerHour and Upwork, which can be good for finding someone for a one off task. I personally wouldn’t recommend using bidding sites for ongoing work as the low rates they generate just demoralise the freelancers (I speak from experience during a past life!).
  2. Facebook groups
    If you’re part of any Facebook groups and you run a business, you’re probably part of at least one business group.
    If you’re not, then let me tell you, Facebook groups are great! You can find a VA to help you almost instantly. Simply search for business groups and ask to join. There are also a few groups specifically for posting jobs for VAs. Try searching ‘Virtual Assistant jobs’.
    Post about your need for a VA and watch them come rushing to you! Remember to check the group rules first though.
  3. Social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)
    Other social media sites are also excellent places to find VAs. Tweet about it using hashtags #job and #virtualassistant, or try attending a Twitter networking hour and ask around.
    There are also LinkedIn groups or simply post about it on LinkedIn and see if your connections can recommend anyone. Or you could post an image with the details on Instagram.
    Whatever social media networks you use, reach out!
  4. Networking events
    If you regularly attend networking events, then you might already know a VA or someone who has a VA and can refer you.
    If not, look around for some local networking events and see who you meet. Not only will you maybe find your VA, you might get new business!
  5. Google it!
    Just Google ‘Virtual Assistant’ along with your location (if that’s important) and boom! A long list of VAs will appear before your    eyes. Visit their websites, check them out and then get contacting.
  6. The cheeky one
    Well, I mean, you’re on the website of a virtual assistant you know. Just sayin’.
    Take a look around and pop me an email if you’d like to discuss anything.


There you have it. Six easy ways to find your VA.

Happy hunting.