Five Minutes Away From Your Business Could Be The Best Thing For It

Boost Your Productivity By Stepping Away - Adminosaurus

I have a lot of happy places and I’m very lucky that one of them is right down the road from my house.

Just round the corner and down the road is a little nature reserve. It’s often full of local school children, teenagers doing things they shouldn’t, dog walkers and joggers.

It’s also full of birds, squirrels and bunnies, among other wildlife.

And there are woods.
I love those woods.
And if I time it just right, I can avoid all the children, teens and dog walkers (the joggers are blink and you miss them, so I don’t mind them much).

When I first started Adminosaurus, I used to go out for a walk every now and then through those woods. Just to disconnect.

It wasn’t enough.

Back then, I was plagued with self-doubt, motivation problems and questions about how I should do things that no Googling could seem to answer.

Then, a year ago, I started jogging.
This had nothing to do with putting on weight because I was working from home near the fridge (I’m lying. It had everything to do with it).

It’s been a whole year of jogging three times a week (ish). I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not supposed to be fit.
It’s okay. If there’s ever a zombie apocalypse, I may not be able to outrun them, but my love for science fiction and dystopian films will hopefully have been enough training for me to kick some zombie arse.

I now try and go running four times a week. Sometimes I manage it, sometimes I’m too tired or have too much to do.

Four times a week, in the morning, I run through the nature reserve. The earphones come out when I reach those woods and the music gets paused. I walk through those woods, head up, looking at the trees and the sky, breathing in the nature and listening to the birds (and getting acorns thrown at me by squirrels).

It’s bliss.

And it’s the perfect start to the working day.
While I’m running, I’m thinking. Thinking of what I needed to do next, or how to solve that problem, or what I could do to change my business.
And as I walk through those woods I’m in the moment, thinking of nothing but the beauty around me.

Then I get home, shower, change and straight into work.

If you’re feeling stuck, take a step away from your business and get outside. Get some fresh air, get moving (you don’t have to run), disconnect and breathe in nature. I promise, on some level it will help.




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