Announcing new services for 2018

New services for 2018

After many months consideration, some soul searching, changing my mind and more deliberation, it’s time to make some changes around here at Adminosaurus.

The big one are three new services. This is the one that’s caused me the most mind changing and thought. So that’s what I’ll talk about now.

I love marketing. I enjoy doing social media and I completely love proofreading, editing and managing blog posts and WordPress websites for clients.


I also love:

  • Transcription
  • Spreadsheets, and
  • Books.

Yup, these are the three things I’ll be really concentrating on this year.
Let’s look at these a little further in depth, shall we?



I did a bit of transcription in 2017 and just enjoyed it oh so much. I genuinely love sticking on my headphones and getting lost in an interview, conversation, meeting.

It’s because I love stories, and every human, no matter what they’re talking about, is always telling a story.

So, if you’re a journalist, copywriter, HR manager or consultant, small business owner who loves creating videos or podcasts, or anyone else who records interviews or themselves, I would love to transcribe them for you, save you time and make your life easier.

I charge £25 per 10 mins of audio (rounded up) and am registered with the ICO for data protection. Get in touch if you’d like to pass your audio onto me.



Everything in my life is run by a spreadsheet. Excel is one of my best friends.

I’m currently trying to work out how to create the perfect finance spreadsheet for all three of my businesses that will also make self assessments easier.
Sure, I could use a cloud app, but where’s the fun in that?
Plus, I don’t trust cloud apps, especially with my money.

If you feel the same way, then watch this space / join my list to find out when a range of finance spreadsheets will be available.

I can also create custom planning spreadsheets for you and your business. Get in touch to see if I can help.



You may or may not know that as well as being a stupendously organised marketing person, I’m also a fiction writer.
I’ve published three books so far and more are on the way.

Honestly? I’m loving the publishing journey, learning the tech side and getting to grips with the marketing.

But I understand that there are people out there who despise bits and pieces of it, if not all of it. So I want to help!

I’ll be rolling out author services. Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, I can help with:

  • Formatting
  • Uploading to CreateSpace, KDP, iBooks, Kobo, Nook
  • Creating and organising your Amazon author page.

Keep an eye out for lots of help with marketing your books too.


So that’s it for now. I’m really excited about these new focuses for Adminosaurus in 2018. I am still available for social media scheduling, research, proofing, editing and blog management, but these three things will be my focus for the next 12 months.




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