A Bite Out Of Your Workload Package

A Bite Out Of Your Workload Package

If you’re after a little help on an ad-hoc basis, support for a specific project or if you’d like to book so many of my hours a month, you’re in the right place.


Ad-hoc and project work

I charge £26 an hour, rounded up to the nearest 15 minute segment (that’s £6.25 per 15 minutes).

You can start with a trial, starting with an hour or small project.

I require part of the final amount of payment up front (so for an hour trial, I will require the full £25 up front) and you will get:

  • A timesheet.
  • Regular contact with me so we’re both happy that the work is being done exactly as you’d like.

Send me an email to get started.


Let me make you a priority

By booking a certain number of hours every month with me, I will make you a priority and you can relax in the knowledge that I’ll be there for your work.

  • Your work will get priority above any ad-hoc work.
  • You will be invoiced at the end of every month.
  • Up to four hours a month can be carried over (any other unused hours will be lost but packages can be changed over time to suit).
  • A 50% deposit will be required before work starts when you first book.

All retainers are flexible, so if your needs aren’t met by any of the below packages, give me a shout and we can work something out.


10 hours
20 hours
Save money!
30 hours
That's 1 hour free
40 hours
That's 2 free hours


Get in touch to get started.