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Welcome! To the awkward first post and 5 facts about me

5 Facts About Your New Virtual Assistant...I Mean Me!

Welcome to Adminosaurus’s first blog post!
…And first video!

You can watch the video below or read the post below.



I hate first blog posts. They’re so awkward, so instead of doing the normal, ‘welcome’ post, I thought I’d do something a little different.

You may have noticed that some people have a quick list of facts about them on their About pages. Well, I thought I’d do that. In video form.

So here we go! Five quick facts about me.


1. I actually do love dinosaurs.

Yes! The business name of Adminosaurus is not a whim. I am actually fascinated by dinosaurs.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t so obsessed when I was little, so I now struggle in remembering all of the names of dinosaurs, never mind pronouncing those names.

But as an adult, I have started to study them (I do have an archaeology degree, but I want to go further back in time). Last year I did a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) through the University of Alberta. MOOCs are fantastic and usually free, and I really recommend the Dino 101 course I did. It was amazing.

I’ve just completed another University of Alberta MOOC about how theropod dinosaurs evolved into birds (yes!). It’s fascinating and makes you look at birds in a completely different way.


2. I have an elderly guinea pig (who you can meet in the video).

I share my house with a gorgeous elderly guinea pig called Didymus, named after Sir Didymus in the movie Labyrinth.

We started off with two guinea pigs, but one unfortunately passed away. So we got another two little ones and ended up with three piggys. Sadly, two of them passed away last year, so we’re left with one.

He’s just turned six and he’s thriving, despite the odd old man moment.


3. I’m a fantasy writer.

This might not come as a surprise now, but I’m a fantasy novelist. I’ve been a writer my whole life and my thrilling, exciting, jumping-round-the-house news is that my first novel, Matter of Time, is now available from!

My novel, Matter of Time.


4. I used to play at admin.

Yeah, okay, this one’s a bit embarrassing.
You know how often kids will play at a job? Something that they might be when they’re older? Well…I used to play at being an administrator…

Yeah, I know. Sad, right?

I used to sit, pretending to work in an office, helping those around me, typing away and I would enjoy it.
Make of that what you will.


5. I got married in a zoo.

This is a good one!

My husband and I got engaged at Edinburgh Zoo. When looking for a wedding venue, everything was so expensive, so I decided that if a lot of money was going to be spent, it would be spent on something a bit different and a lot more us.

So we got married at Bristol Zoo. It turned out cheaper than other venues and part of the money went to the conservation charity. So a win-win-win situation. All the wins!


So there you go! Five facts about me, and the first awkward blog post over with.

From now on, this blog and the Adminosaurus YouTube channel will be updated on the second Thursday of every month with information, tips and help on all sorts of marketing, small business and freelancing topics.

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